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injured in the accident remain hospitalized. one is still in critical condition. susan candiotti is live from bridgeport. the commute tomorrow is going to be a mess. that's got to be the understatement of the weekend, but at the same time, there's going to be a news conference. what might it reveal about where the investigation is going. >> we have two sets of electrified tracks out of commission right now and two key developments. the national transportation safety board investigators are making progress, and number two, you have massive repairs under way to try to get the tracks and line back in service. first on the investigation, they have recovered and begun retrieving information from the critical black boxes onboard both of the trains which will tell us among other things how fast the trains were going and for example, whether the brakes were applied, whether emergency brakes were applied as well. they're also focusing on a piece of fractured rail, broken rail that ntsb board numbers tell me could be significant. >> it might be the initiator of the accident or it might be that it
. susan candiotti joins us now live from bridgeport, connecticut where they've got a few things at hand here. you have people still recovering in the hospital. you've got the investigation of the crash itself. removal of debris, and the worry about tomorrow morning's commute. >> a lot of things to talk about here, fred. but let's boil it down to this. first of all, authorities and investigators both looking at the scene here were here throughout the night and day removing all the train cars from the tracks. that's a metro north train system. painstakingly removing them. two of the most damaged cars were taken to a special facility where investigators will be able to take a closer look at them. now we have this new development learning tonight more information coming to us from those plaque boxes that were recovered from the trains. we learned that both were going about 70 miles an hour, which we are told is normal speed for these trains at the time of the accident, when one derailed and the other plowed into a train going into the opposite direction. there was some braking just before t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)